Gishobert Gwenzi

Harare, Zimbabwe · 263784442662 · · Twitter · LinkedIN · Github

Developer with 4 years experience mainly working with Python Technologies, Mobile Frameworks and POS system integration. I am experienced in leveraging agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews.

Graduated from MuzindaHUB in 2018

Published Projects

Mylli · PyBluedot · Paynow2 · Paynow For Flutter · Bitsa Ride (Botswana)


Social Media Automation

Development of bots for popular Social Media platforms which include Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram

Repositories Available on Request

Chatbot Development

Python Chatterbot Development (ML)

Development of machine learning bots that can be adjusted/refactored to handle business tasks such as online marketing, Campaign Tracking

Bitsa Ride Chatbot

March 2013 - Present

Bounty Hunter

Part of communities BugCrowd, BugBounty helping the online community with safe security practises regarding cyber security.

Able to generate security reports for network infrastructure, websites and mobile apps

Familiar with:

  • Wireless Network Security
  • Web Server Enumeration
  • Mobile Application Security Analysis
2018 - Present

Supporting Communities


Python Conference Zimbabwe
A group of Pythonista volunteers that host the annual Python Conference Zimbabwe.

PyData Harare

PyData Harare meetups supported by Developer Circles Harare

One of the upcoming startups for Data Science in Zimbabwe with aim to provide viable solutions using raw data.



Worked with Technologies
Dominant Skills
  • Social Media Chatbot Development
  • Python Backend Developer
  • Mobile Flutter Development


Apart from being a developer, I enjoy most of my time being outdoors and producing digital art. In my extra hours I contribute to Open Source projects and support local startups, few examples PyConZW, PyData Harare.

Pythonista and Linux Enthusiast who loves coffee. I spend my free time exploring new technologies that contribute to the advancement of Mobile App Development.

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